Tap into a program full of accurate information backed by research and development from medical sources around the world.

Improve the health and quality of life for you, your friends and family, as well as your patients.

Stop guessing by trial and error. Education before medication!

Learn… cannabis benefits.

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Deliver… with confidence to your patients.

What our coaches say…

“As a health practitioner, I have always looked for new research or development in emerging issues in health care. With the onset of cannabis legalization in Canada, we now are caring for more and more patients who are using medical cannabis products. I found this program to give me a basis and much more, in working with the patient and their choice for alternative therapies.“


Home Care RN

“Finally… education with certification for cannabis coaching in Canada.”

Education Certification Canada

Adam Bouganim, Operations Manager, Namaste Technologies, Toronto Canada

“Two dozen Nurse Practitioners took this course and the feedback was unanimously positive. ‘Gave me concrete answers to clinical questions,’ ‘Practical …helped me immediately in my practice,’ and ‘Highly applicable to patient assessment/education and recommending’ were a few of the responses. The course is excellent and the company is a pleasure to work with.”

What our patients say…

“I knew I needed something other than painkillers for my shoulder pain. So I talked to my cannabis nurse and she felt it was best for me to try a topical to rub right in. It worked like a charm. I don’t get all stupid in the head, and I stopped taking morphine/dilaudid. I feel great with this natural product. Thanks for pointing me to the safest and best method for me.“

Mrs. R.

Retired teacher age 89

“Thank you for helping me. Smoking was the only thing I knew. Thanks for taking time to help me figure out better, safer, healthier solutions. A coach is an investment in your health.”

Stacey A.

Patient age 56

“The problem I had as a medical patient, was that even though I had a prescription, I still had no idea what to do with it, nor what to purchase. Wendy, my cannabis coach, helped narrow down the choices and this saved me time, money, and I had far less frustration. Now, I’ve found the right dose and the right method for me. Thank you Wendy!”


Medical Cannabis Patient

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