About MCC

Medical Cannabis Canada has been established to bring professional and top quality cannabis education to Canadians. Our cannabis coaches work one-on-one with patients living with a variety of chronic diseases and/or challenging health issues. This allows patients to take a more natural approach to treating their conditions and/or symptoms to increase their quality of life. Cannabis coaches help their patients with customized treatments through a very wide variety of cannabis product selections, personal dosages, and personal treatment schedules. 

Who is MCC

Wendy Fox Rn, B.Sc.N.

Wendy Fox Rn, B.Sc.N.

MCC Co-founder - CEO

Wendy Fox is a skilled and successful Nurse in both traditional and non-traditional areas. She holds a B.Sc.N. in nursing and is a certified Holistic Cannabis Coach and researcher. Wendy has vast experience in acute, community care and management positions. Today she describes herself as having a successful career because she simply always looked outside of the standards. This propelled her to create programs in Travel, School and Staff education

Currently, she offers Cannabis Coaching, and critical thinking in new technology, assessment and researching emerging opportunities in the areas Oncologic care and the therapeutics that Cannabis may offer Canadians.

 “Sometimes we need to look outside the box for a better understanding of what we don’t know or cannot access in our home country. I bring my “nurse eyes” out in full force when we visit new ideas and treatment options that may be beneficial to our patients.”

She believes the intelligence stemming from multi nations will be the solution to the most difficult medical cases we are faced with. Collaborative efforts will make a difference to mankind. Education is critical to provide optimum guidance for the health seekers looking for medical options from a natural source. And this is the purpose in creating this website.

Simply stated, her focus is the achieving the “Best outcome for the patient….end of story”. 

Brent Matsalla

Brent Matsalla

MCC Co-founder - Technical Director

Brent Matsalla was a patient long before getting involved in cannabis education and certification.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to bring medical cannabis education to Canada. Our education will help Canadians to understand more about how medical cannabis can help to improve the quality of life for them, and many others.”

In 2014, Matsalla would find a lump in his neck, which would turn out to be stage 3 cancer in his lymph glands. A journalist at the time, he would dive into research on his particular type of cancer and alternative cancer therapies.

Matsalla’s research found many laboratory and group studies by doctors and scientists proving high levels of THC adversely affected growth of squamous cell carcinoma. Matsalla started his cannabis oil therapy while undergoing radiation treatments. Later, he would find out that the radiation treatments deviated from standard treatment when tumor’s size only diminished slightly.

Numerous biopsies were inconclusive, explaining that lab technicians could tell it was a cancer cell, but the nuclei were so highly mutated, they were unable to tell if the cells were alive or dead. Matsalla’s oncologist would present his case at a world convention on neck and throat cancers. All experts advised for him to undergo a neck dissection and reconstruction surgery.

One month before the surgery, Matsalla was unable to access any high THC cannabis oil, so he ceased his cannabis oil treatment. The biopsies from the surgery were once again showing active cancers. Matsalla had proof that his cannabis oil treatment halted progression of his cancer in his lymph system for over 2 years.

Today, Matsalla makes his own cannabis oil and will always maintain a maintenance dosage that helps with his pain, sleep, appetite, anxiety, and it has helped him remain cancer-free for years.

About Medical Cannabis Therapeutics

The courses and methodologies were developed by Joe Dolce, author of Brave New Weed and a medical cannabis patient, under the guidance of Dr. Junella Chin, DO. Dr. Chin has treated over 10,000 patients in California and New York with medical cannabis.

We offer the most up-to-date scientific research and guidelines in clear and engaging formats to help individuals and professionals make informed treatment decisions.

Dr. Junella

Dr. Junella


When I was 15 I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, an auto-inflammatory disease of the spine that causes my back to ache from arthritic and shooting nerve pains.

“I was a patient before I was a doctor.”

I spent my teenage years cycling through conventional treatments—epidurals, narcotics, muscle relaxants, acupuncture, physical therapy–but the pain was unrelenting. By the time I got to med school in San Francisco I was having a hard time standing for long periods of time in the operating room. One of the attending physicians noticed my discomfort and asked me about it. I told him I had AS but that I couldn’t take the heavier meds while I was doing rounds or in a four-hour hip replacement surgery because they made me drowsy and foggy.

He handed me a bottle of tincture. “This is marijuana,” he told me, “but it won’t make you high.” He didn’t call it CBD oil. He just said it’s a different type. It smelled like wet grass and dog.

I had never tried marijuana. I’m from the Bronx and marijuana conjured images of dropouts and gangsters. I was probably the only pre-med at Cornell who hadn’t experimented with it.

“Put a few of the drops under your tongue before bed,” the doctor told me. “My HIV and AIDS patients say it helps them with all sorts of pains.”

I tried my first dose on a Friday night. It made me feel slightly altered, but it was not dissimilar to how I felt after my first glass of wine. By Monday I knew it was working.

Even though California had legalized medical marijuana in 1996 and people were talking about it, I didn’t dare tell anyone I was using it myself. I didn’t want to jeopardize my young career. But once my health was restored I decided to learn more. I knew how frustrating it was as patient to say the words “I’ve tried everything and it didn’t work,” but now I was hearing it from the other side of the desk.

I wanted to offer my patients an alternative.

Eventually I blended medical cannabis into my integrative medicine practice. I never announced it; patients found me. Parents of kids with epilepsy, people in pain, migraine sufferers, cancer patients on chemotherapy. Word spread. “You can be honest with Dr. Chin,” patients would tell friends and colleagues. “She’ll help you use it in conjunction with your prescriptions. You won’t have to lie.” In ten years, I treated over 10,000 patients in the Bay Area and Los Angeles with medical cannabis.

In 2014 my husband, also an integrative physician, and I moved our family back to New York for personal reasons. This has allowed me to encourage doctors on the East Coast to explore medical cannabis as a treatment modality. The endocannabinoid system still isn’t taught in medical school, but I believe everyone benefits when healthcare providers educate themselves. It’s better to offer patients quality, science-based information as an alternative to what they might pick up on the street.

There’s still a lot of confusion about medical cannabis. As recreational use becomes legalized patients will try things on their own. They likely won’t use the best meds in the right quantities, which means they might not find relief they need and give up. That’s why the idea of “Education Before Medication” is so important. A self-administered education program like Medical Cannabis Mentor gives patients the confidence to see a medical provider or experiment smartly on their own.”

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Touro University, San Francisco, California
Nutrition, Biochemistry, Cornell University
Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Women’s Research, Columbia University
Medical Acupuncture, Harvard University
Hollywood Heart, Board of Advisors to non-profit dedicated to serving at risk teens with HIV/AIDS
Osteopathic Cranial Academy, Executive Board Member
Director of Education, Association of Cannabis Specialists

Joe Dolce

Joe Dolce


There is so much confusion about what medical cannabis is and how to use it. That’s why our mission is ‘Education Before Medication.’ The goal is to separate myth from fact and to bring professionals and patients up to speed quickly. Our materials are based on the latest research and data from the world’s leading scientists and clinicians, and it has been reviewed by them as well.

I was introduced to medical cannabis while writing Brave New Weed (Harper Wave, 2016). The reporting led me into the laboratories and offices of the above mentioned scientists and clinicians. Learning about medical cannabis and the body’s endocannabinoid system caused me to rethink everything I had been taught about the plant in specific and plant medicines in general, and it redirected the course of my working life.

In the years since, I’ve seen firsthand how it can be used to help people suffering from chronic illnesses (pain, stress, insomnia) and from disruptive diseases like epilepsy or MS. I’ve met war veterans who use it to eradicate some of the harrowing memories associated with PTSD or cancer patients who use it to ameliorate the nausea caused by chemotherapy. Medical cannabis is not a panacea but it is therapeutically broad and safer than most medicines on the market.

I am frequently asked, “How can one plant treat so many different illnesses?” The answer is simple yet complex: The endocannabinoid system with which the plant interacts is the largest receptor system in the human body. It extends through the brain and Central Nervous System, through tissues, muscles and into almost every organ. Science is still learning about how it functions but its promise is great. You’ll learn about it and many other ways medical cannabis functions here.

Before diving into this new world, my career was focused on media and communications. I founded one of New York City’s most highly regarded Presentation & Media Training companies. I was editor-in-chief of Details magazine and editor-in-chief of Star. I was a contributing editor at Gourmet and have written for T: The New York Times Magazine, New York, Rolling Stone, Travel & Leisure, Departures, Leafly, and dozens of others.

Like so many others, my belief in the healing power of medical cannabis was borne from experience. I became a patient several years ago when I was hit with a chronic pain condition that no other medication, prescription or over the counter, could treat. Medical cannabis did the trick.

No one should suffer unnecessarily. This is why I decided to share what I have learned with as many people as possible.”

Medical Cannabis Mentor, Founder & CEO
Brave New Weed, author, Harper Wave
Joe Dolce Communications, President & Founder
DolceGoldin Public Relations, Co-Founder
Star Magazine, Editor-in-Chief
Details Magazine, Editor-in-Chief
Vogue, Senior Editor
Harper’s Bazaar, Senior Editor
New York University, MA Journalism
Northwestern University, BA Social Psychology/Communication Studies